Steel House Kit


Steel House Kit

Steel house kits are the perfect solution to your living needs, providing a comfortable living space in a structure that is affordable and environmentally-friendly.

For traditional houses, you will need multiple contractors, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many months, sometimes even multiple years to complete the project. With a steel building from Khome, you can build your house with less money, fewer contractors, and less time, this makes the entire construction process quick and painless. While the interior features will take longer depending on your specific needs, the steel exterior of your prefab home can be constructed in just a few days, and you won’t need specialized contractors to complete the task. In fact, most people can erect the steel components of their steel home in only a few days. Imagine that: creating the shell of your prefab home in a few short days!

There is a virtually unlimited selection of options that you can choose for your steel house. Our Steel house kits come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to create the space you need for your entire family. Whether the prefab home will be just for you or for you and a large family, you can create exactly what you need.

We also have a full selection of sandwich panels that are fully customizable, as well as features and accessories that provide the unique living space you desire. You can choose from a wide variety of doors and other features.

Creating Steel house kits to Complement Your Prefab Home

When you use Khome steel products to build your home, you can also use our materials to create outside storage sheds and buildings to meet your needs and they can all be designed to match aesthetically. You can have a prefab house or a prefab office on the other side of your property. These steel house kits will complement your home and enhance the visual appeal, quality, and value of your property.


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