Temporary Accommodation For Construction Workers


Temporary Accommodation For Construction Workers

Temporary Accommodation For Construction Workers

Throughout the year, contractors recruit skilled construction workers for big jobs, especially in rural areas where construction staff is limited. Oftentimes those recruits have to temporarily relocate to cities or states far from home, leaving them in need of temporary housing. When it comes to temporary housing for traveling construction workers, Khome Steel Structure is the best solution.

Khome offers prefab containers that not only save corporate contractors money but also keep the construction workers comfortable and happy.

Benefits For Construction Worker

From living space to amenities, our modular units at Khome offer the accommodation for construction workers the same comfort as home.

In-Room Kitchen

In-room kitchens are equipped with full-size refrigerators, microwaves, and two-burner stoves, making meal planning and cooking easy. Most of our container homes are used for multiple purposes.

The convenience of our in-room kitchen also benefits the contracted employer by keeping per diem costs low.

Living Space

Our container units have a wide space for living facilities.  A two-person dining area for enjoying a sit-down meal, full-size bathroom with vanity and linens, and storage including built-in closets can be found in each container unit, making it feel more like home.

Other Amenities

Contracted workers will feel well-rested in our comfortable and custom mattresses in every container unit.

Temporary accommodation for construction workers has all the benefits a worker needs. Khome has built a wide experience building modular units for construction workers.

From ablution unit to dormitories, we cover all the facilities for a worker might need.

Benefits For Corporate Contractors

When recruiting and hiring contracted employees, we help corporate employers take the stress and overwhelm out of finding temporary housing, and ultimately save money!

Khome builds all kinds of container houses and can help your next portable accommodation building.

Our design and engineering team will gladly walk you through every step of building a worker’s dormitory.


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