Temporary Buildings Schools


Temporary Buildings Schools

A temporary building school is an educational building constructed using pre-fabricated components that are built off-site and then assembled on location. The temporary school is often used as classroom buildings where space in the school has reached capacity. The key benefits of the building are very cost-effective and time-saving.

Our expandable container homes are perfect for any situation. Made from a safe & reliable light steel structure, each production run is tested for quality to ensure you get the highest quality container home built to withstand any weather.

The temporary building systems are designed and built to meet a specific customer requirement, which means that every modular facility is unique. However, this does not mean that every system or product is designed from scratch. Each building, container structure, and wall panel system is there, all use pre-engineered modules of each technology used in the system, combined to make the whole system work.

We K-Home have built a knowledge base of pre-engineered modules that are used in the quoting, engineering, procurement, and production systems. And aim to completed build parts in the shortest period.


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