Temporary Classrooms


Temporary Classrooms

What is a Temporary classroom?

A Temporary classroom (also known as a “relocatable classroom or simply a “portable”) is a type of mobile modular building. They are usually used by schools or other educational facilities to provide extra classrooms or office space when there is a shortage of space in the main building. They are convenient solutions because they can be removed from the premises easily or relocated to a different location if needed. At the same time, they offer comparable space to classrooms located inside the main building, and they are very cost-effective.

While most schools use portable classrooms as a temporary space solution, some may choose to use them permanently or semi-permanently. Many modular building suppliers offer the option to opt for a “portapack,” or a series of portable classrooms connected by a hallway. Sometimes, you can even connect portable classrooms to the main building.

Why do schools need Temporary classrooms?

There are many different uses for temporary classrooms. But most commonly, schools or other educational facilities look for portable classrooms when they are:

  • Undergoing construction in the main building, such as building an addition
  • Experiencing a spike in student population
  • Suffering from damage, such as a natural disaster or mold, in the main building
  • Budget cuts or financial challenges to adding more space
  • Looking to reduce energy consumption
  • And more 

Even if schools are not facing a shortage of space, temporary classrooms are an attractive option to many. They help educational organizations cut costs, reduce their energy usage and utility bills, enjoy better climate control, and reduce the amount of land the school is using. Additionally, if a school is experiencing a time constraint and needs more space quickly, a temporary classroom might be the best choice. A portable classroom can be up and running in a couple of weeks, whereas construction can take several years.


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