Temporary Emergency Housing


Temporary Emergency Housing

Temporary Emergency Housing, portable or fixed – you have to appreciate the flexibility that a temporary housing provides for different purposes.

But what makes a temporary emergency building so attractive to a number of U.S. and global industries?

Should an emergency arrive, unexpected construction be necessary, or you simply waited too close to the deadline to place an order, you can contact Khome Steel Structure for temporary emergency building to help meet your timeline goals.

There is no limit on the number of temporary buildings you can add as long as space on your site or campus allows you to.

Perhaps you ordered one temporary classroom building to accommodate an influx of new students from a nearby district. You find out that another nearby district is also downsizing and you’ll need space for another influx of students.

Temporary Emergency Housing allow you to conveniently add another building, combine modules together to make a larger temporary building for refugees.

Plans change and construction projects evolve regularly. If you have a temporary building on your site, it can always be relocated to conveniently accommodate your needs.

Another major benefit of temporary emergency buildings is the ability to lease or participate in various co-op purchase options (governments and school organizations).

Always consult a modular emergency building company expert about the financial options on buildings to learn what the best plan is for you! Khome has you covered for all the information.

Temporary modular buildings will last longer than you might expect. With regular maintenance and upkeep, the buildings themselves will last for the foreseeable future.

Modular building have reported life span of 25 to 30 years on well-maintained buildings.

And, while they are often made of lighter materials that make it easier to lift and transport them, that does not mean that they are less reliable or built to subpar standards.

Temporary Emergency Housing must comply with all the local and state buildings codes and permitting requirements.

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