Temporary Housing While Building A Home


Temporary Housing While Building A Home

When your home is undergoing massive renovations or complete reconstruction, you’ll need to secure temporary housing. As such, there are a few options that go beyond renting a hotel room for an extended period of time.

Options for Temporary Housing while building a home

Luckily, there are quite a few. And most of the options are far better than a hotel (though that’s always an option). Below, you’ll find the ultimate guide to temporary housing for your impermanent living predicament.

The Ultimate Guide to Temporary Housing During Construction

Before you pull the trigger on what type of housing you’ll need, there is a litany of questions you should ask yourself first:

  • How long will you be out of your home?
  • What are the rates you’re comfortable with for this temporary solution?
  • What types of amenities will you require?

The housing situation needs to address everything your home usually takes care of—think workspace, relaxation, cooking, privacy, cleaning, and enough bathrooms for the whole family.

The best suitable option for a temporary housing while building a home is  a prefab house

  • Determining your priorities – It’s essential to ask what you value in your living space prior to finding your prefab house. If you plan on staying outside your home for more than 30 days, consider options that have amenities like a kitchen (fully furnished with pots, pans, serving ware, and other essentials), so that you’re not overspending on restaurants or room service. Khome has you covered with best quality modular units for multiple uses.
  • Working with a budget – Hotels can be pricey. If bringing along the whole family means multiple rooms, this price tag can quickly skyrocket, making the renovation project far exceed your expected budget. Consider the Khome prefab container as an alternative solution.
Temporary Housing Options

Khome builds all kinds of Modular buildings for multiple uses. You can contact our representatives and get a temporary prefab home designed while you wait.


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