Temporary Military Camp


Temporary Military Camp

Temporary Military Camps are places having critical importance. They affect the future of your country and the life of thousands of people working in the military. Because of that, everything in these camps has critical importance too. Khome builds high-tech, modern, and very useful prefabricated or modular military camps. These camps have everything needed for a military.

Portability is one of the most important things for work or military camps. Portability provides ease at both production, installation, and usage processes. If you prefer portable buildings for a short time period, you can hide them after the completion of your projects. You can rent them or sell them if you want. For both affordable and durable military portable camps, Khome is the right place.

Technology is developing and changing from day today. If you can follow the development of technology on a regular basis, you can easily fall behind the times. At Khome Steel Structure, we follow closely and on a regular basis the technological developments. With these developments, we always aim to improve ourselves and we work with people who try to improve themselves. All Khome buildings are the product of high-tech production. They are in rapport with army technology.
One of the most important things for a Temporary Military Camp is ergonomics. All buildings should be suitable for human health. For a useful and healthy living area or workspaces that contribute to productivity, ergonomics is an obligatory condition. Khome combines ergonomics with practicality and quality. We produce high-tech and ergonomic comfortable buildings. Khome buildings offer comfortable living and working areas when they have durable structures.
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