Temporary Modular Classrooms


Temporary Modular Classrooms

As with any building project, expanding your teaching accommodation can be very challenging. Khome has 15 years of experience providing modular solutions for nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and meeting their need for extra classroom space.

Modular classrooms are a sustainable building solution for expanding schools and colleges, designed to be incredibly energy efficient and flexible working spaces which can be fitted for a diverse range of functions throughout any school.

Temporary Modular classroom builders Khome specialise in constructing temporary classrooms  for schools, colleges, universities, councils and local authorities. With a range of materials available, we can work with you to construct an educational environment that meets your requirements and standards. We can also provide refurbished prefab classrooms for clients on a budget or for those looking for a temporary prefab classroom solution.

With a fast yet effective approach in mind, Khome buildings will work with you to ensure that your modular classroom project runs as smoothly as possible; is delivered on time, to budget and to the highest standards.

Khome has executed many modular school projects especially in Africa, Europe, and South America. We produce secure prefabricated schools and classroom projects with high insulation, ergonomic plans, and modular transportable structure.

One of the areas of use of prefabricated structures with a wide range of uses is education. Education is one of the most important issues in life. Unfortunately, many children still cannot receive an education due to inadequacies in the region where they are located for different reasons. Prefabricated Modular classrooms are the easiest solution where schools cannot be installed for different reasons. Temporary modular classrooms  are portable structures that can be easily installed in any area and are produced in a factory environment in a very short time, and are installed in the place where installation and assembly are requested and with a modular structure.

You can contact our experienced sales representative to inquire about our modular school’s models and economic prices.

Khome Temporary modular classrooms advantages:

  • Easy loading and on-time delivery
  • Customized classrooms designs
  • High tech production with the quality control system
  • More efficient use of resources


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