Temporary Office Containers


Temporary Office Containers

Temporary Office Containers are a new office building model that can be meeting the construction site needs of important construction and infrastructure projects such as energy, airport, or road construction.

Its advantage through superior quality and offers dozens, over 15 years of experience in Office Containers, designed and produced by the team of experts Khome in the field made is the choice of the world’s and China’s leading companies.

Temporary Construction Office Containers are structures that provide safe, convenient and healthy living spaces and provide safe use in construction sites and labor camps. One of the most important issues in long-term construction projects is the provision of living spaces in the shortest time possible for the sheltering needs of technical personnel and workers in construction sites and labor camps.

The most preferred structures for this need are construction site container structures.

Container building systems provide ease of assembly, are produced in a very short time, have ergonomic designs in every size suitable for every need, are easy to ship, Khome Modular Office Building can be installed in a short time at any place in just four steps with the new generation container technology, and a construction container office can be installed, fire, earthquake and It is designed and produced in accordance with different climatic conditions.

With dozens of different advantages such as this, the container system is the most preferred structure in the construction area.  As Construction Site Office Container, they can be used safely for meetings and various needs such as construction site dining hall, staff dining hall, staff dormitory, WC-Shower.

Khome specializes in building site office containers, Our design and engineering teams collaborate to build near to perfect offices for our clients all over the world.
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