Temporary Refugee Camps


Temporary Refugee Camps

Refugee camp is designed to accommodate vagrants and homeless people and provide them with humanitarian assistance. The living conditions are simple. It usually occurs in periods of poverty, disasters, and wars, and is built with the help of the government, the United Nations, international organizations, or non-governmental organizations.

Temporary refugee camps are houses used to take in refugees to meet the basic needs of people and can accommodate tens of thousands or even millions of people. Applications in temporary refugee camps include:
Bathroom and toilet
Medical treatment

Our main foreign markets are in undeveloped countries. Because our products are mainly for the middle, low-class market, so our price is neither the most expensive nor the lowest.

There are many advantages to use our container houses to build a refugee camp :
1. The low input cost, and good quality can meet people’s basic requirements for living;
2. The installation speed is fast, compared with traditional buildings, it can save at least 80% of installation time;
3. Easy to move, when it is no longer used, it can be transported and used in other places.


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