Temporary School Buildings


Temporary School Buildings

Classroom overcrowding is no joke. Teaching and keeping 10-20 kids under control is always an impressive feat. Try it sometime, and you’ll have a new appreciation for your teachers all those years ago.

There are many opinions on how to reduce the student-to-teacher ratio; every parent and educator has one. However, once school districts make the decision to expand their campus, where do they go to get that space? They could always build new or add on to their existing school, but that can be costly and, with construction delays, could end up disrupting class when school starts up again.

That’s why Temporary School Buildings  are a great alternative for many schools across the nation. Portable classrooms are modular school buildings that are:

  • specially coded and built with schools in mind
  • compliant with your school district’s standards and requirements
  • built in a factory setting to control conditions
  • built with the same building materials as conventionally built facilities
  • flexible in both size and configurations

All of this results in a time savings for you. Because Temporary School Buildings are built in a factory and then assembled together on site, your time to occupancy is cut nearly in half. Site work and ground prep happen simultaneously to the prefab building being built so that when your site is ready, your buildings are too.

Khome Steel Structure has been providing modular and portable building solutions to schools just like yours since 2007. Our portable classrooms have allowed schools to expand and create a learning environment that’s as good for teachers as it is for students. With limited funds and time, some solutions become particularly useful—and that’s where Temporary School Buildings step in.

Are you ready to get those new prefab building off the ground? Contact Khome Steel Structure representatives today to get started.


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