Temporary Site Office Accommodation


Temporary Site Office Accommodation

Due to its prefabricated modular design, all the components are produced in our factory and have a standard size, which means it can have massive production in a short time with a competitive cost. Meanwhile, standard design makes full use of the shipping container for transportation, saving a lot of costs.

Except for the foundation construction, the rests are all dry work construction and installation. The cost of mass production can be compressed a lot. This kind of steel structure house originated in the United States. Its background is the destruction of forests caused by the transition of tree felling, and the problem of global environmental degradation has become the focus of global attention. In this situation where the world is advocating the protection of forests, this technology was jointly developed by 13 American companies and quickly popularized in the United States. Due to its environmental protection, reasonable design, fast completion speed, and excellent seismic performance, it was built in Japan after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 and has become increasingly popular.

Our factory is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China. Compared with developed countries, we have a lower cost but the same good quality. Our prefab house can be customized to meet your different needs for the house. Whether it is an office or a meeting room, it can be designed to meet your needs. A spacious room and a comfortable office environment are all you need at a low cost. We will try our best to do our best for you.


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