Temporary Workforce Housing


Temporary Workforce Housing

At Khome Steel Structure, we believe  temporary workforce housing shouldn’t feel temporary. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering clean, efficient and comfortable workforce man camp lodges that feel more like a working community than a temporary place to stay. Similar to an all-inclusive hotel, Khome Steel Structure focuses on the details and provides five-star hospitality and remote workforce housing services. With new developments in oilfield technologies, the increase in workers creates a shortage of housing options. By pairing subject matter expertise with innovation and flexibility, Khome Steel Structure is able to custom design and build Temporary Workforce Housing that are tailored to fit the needs of your operation and the workers who will determine its success. We also provide top-quality camp management, while supplying and distributing critical goods and services daily to ensure it runs smoothly.

Temporary Workforce Housing Benefits

  • Improvement of overall operational efficiency by reducing lost man hours resulting from extended time spent traveling to and from job sites.
  • Turnover is greatly reduced by providing the workforce with clean, efficient and comfortable housing.
  • A turnkey facility that offers catering and recreational facilities provides workers the opportunity to relax and recover after a long day while their basic needs are being met, allowing them to focus on their operational duties.
  • Use of modular container facilities and other temporary structures enables the flexibility to scale up, down or relocate part or all of a workforce as job site changes dictate.
  • Temporary Workforce housing sites provide a controlled environment to ensure the safety of workers and company assets.

By offering exceptional food service, daily housekeeping and personal laundry service, first-rate recreation facilities, superior lodging and much more, we ensure that your employees are physically and mentally prepared to help you achieve your operational goals.

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