Tiny House Container


Tiny House Container

Prefab container homes are gaining popularity globally, especially as Tiny tiny Houses, as they can be seductively attractive with their modern looking lines, colours and shape – but one question we’ve been asked consistently is:

Like many great ideas, the prefab containers for housing makes complete sense on the surface, but they may not be the best use of materials when you look at the big picture. While it may work fine in a moderate climate, slugging it out through a Canadian or Northern US winter in a metal box may not be the wisest of moves, so your climate zone will considerably effect whether a

“Recycle, Reuse, Reduce” is a mantra of the environmental movement, and a shipping container home is the perfect example of this.

These shipping containers are often made of recycled steel, which you are then reusing to make into a tiny house container.

You reduce your waste and excess by becoming part of the prefab home movement and embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

They Give You More Time To Do What You Love

If you have been reading our blog and following the Khome website, you know that many people have chosen to leave behind the “we want it all” lifestyle to embrace living prefab homes.

They chose instead to invest in an off-grid prefab container home that gives them time to spend with their children and lead the life they want.

No longer are they caught up in maintaining an expensive home.

Tiny Houses Container Are Durable & Weatherproof

Prefab containers are made to be exposed to the weather, and are made from heavy-duty steel and/or aluminum.

They are waterproof, quite heavy, and fireproof, and many of them even have earthquake and storm-resistant ratings.

These are all good qualities in a home, to say the least.

They Are Flexible & Adaptable

Need more room?

Another great plus is that  building with Prefab containers allows you to stack them or put them side by side. This allows you to easily add on, which is great for growing families.

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