Turnkey Camp Accommodation


Turnkey Camp Accommodation

For investors,  wants to maximize the value, both of the workers and the facility spend.  To solve the Turnkey Camp Accommodation for FIFO camp,  in the most cost-effective way, without compromising the comfort of the workers. Meanwhile, don’t do harm to the local environment. Also should use brand new material is the top priority product they would like to choose.

With that picky requirement, it pushes we K-Home to develop a comfortable, economic, recycle to use, and fast assemble modular container house. Combine all the features together, this ideal container house could solve all your portable living accommodation headaches.

Below is made for the Singapore construction site. Government request to solve the crowded living condition for workers immediately because of this pandemic. The difficulty is this client doesn’t have experience in modular container houses.

So we start to help them with design, customized the configuration, the location for the window, doors confirm, the chosen of material, production, delivery and installation guidance.

The total could accommodate 200 workers, we completed it in 2 months, because of the Covid-19, the flight is prohibited, so can’t send an engineer to the site, we send installation manual and guide on the phone.

So, it’s not difficult to assemble this house. All the products are modular produced, just like Lego, you can enjoy your assemble time.


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