Turnkey Modular Homes


Turnkey Modular Homes

Houses don’t have to be built on the construction site. Turnkey Modular Homes are factory-built and finished, and the construction site is a place for assembly.

Advantages of modular homes:

Strong structure.
Modules that make up a building are more durable than those built traditionally. Prefabricated houses not only have to meet design requirements but also withstand transport loads.

Shorter construction time.
A small modular house can be built in less than two months at the factory. The reason is automation, greater repeatability, greater teamwork. Assembly on the construction site is usually a few days.

Higher quality of the building.

The reason is much more detailed shop drawings of Quick Built Container Homes than in the case of traditional houses. Turnkey Modular houses usually have every detail elaborated. Also, a definitely higher health and safety level in the factory will increase the quality of work.

The speed of implementation.

Shorter investment time means lower costs for any investor. There is no need to rent social rooms for employees at your site. If you are renting a flat now, you will pay less for rent by moving into our home earlier.


The acoustics of modular homes is much better than houses traditionally built. In traditional homes, sound propagates through the construction of walls and ceilings. That is why floating floors are often used to suppress noise. In Portable Modular Homes, each module is a separate construction. The modules connected together in the house are protected from transferring noise from one to the other.

Lower risk of damage.

Significantly lower risk of theft and damage caused by third parties. The theft most often occurs when the house is not yet adequately secured. Theft of building materials and equipment can be made by laborers working on your construction site. If you are building a house traditionally and wondering why you ran out of tiles, theft may be the cause.

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