Two Bedroom Prefab Home


Two Bedroom Prefab Home

Nowadays, owners are trying to improve the accommodation environment of on-site mine camps to attract more workers.

Our Two Bedroom Prefab Home is modular designed, so the internal design can be customized to your needs. Every single bedroom can have a private bathroom and can be also equipped with a TV, air conditioning and other facilities, which is similar to living in the town.

For a fully functional living area, the on-site mine camp not only includes a temporary accommodation area but also including an office, meeting room, kitchen, dining hall, and other recreation areas. Our prefabricated container house can fully achieve these designs.

The biggest advantage of the site sleeping accommodation must be its easy installation. All components are connected by bolts. You don’t need to use the big machine on the site, only handle-type installation tools can finish the job. If you need to change the project location, you can also disassemble them and move them to another place for a second use. If you need, you can also move the accommodation units as a whole, together with the inside furniture, very easy and quick.


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