Welfare Units For Construction Sites


Welfare Units For Construction Sites

Regardless of whether these are short-term, temporary, or multi-month lasting projects, as far as it is reasonable and practicable, you must supply adequate, clean and safe Welfare Units For Construction Sites. It must be very costly to do so, or physically impossible, to provide such portable sanitation units for you to be relieved of this obligation.

What exactly are welfare units for construction sites though? These typically include portable toilets, mains connect or chemical toilets, hand washing facilities, rest and changing space, locker and clean space for food consumption. As long as it is reasonable to do so, there should be separate toilets provided for male and female staff.

When it comes to clothes changing areas and lockers, these do not have to be separated either, however, adequate privacy should be provided (lockable doors). All welfare cabin should be well ventilated and lit. Apart from the mentioned above, also shower units should be allocated on sites where dirty work is involved. Welfare facilities should feature both hot and cold running water. Hot running water is especially applicable during cold months to deplete the risk of frostbites.

Secondly, freshwater supplies and water bowsers hire and solve the problem of washing facilities. Water bowser hire usually comes with an on-request hand pump that should allow transporting of the water supply around the site, plus supply it to any welfare unit.

Khome has all the expertise that it takes to build welfare units for construction sites.

Workplace health and safety regulations specify the regulations for welfare facilities that must be provided for the staff to use on construction sites. Employers must provide Welfare Units For Construction and portable toilets that are:

  • equipped with all sanitation conveniences (hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper)
  • clean and maintained, regularly checked for safety
  • inadequate numbers considering numbers of staff
  • separate for male and female use whenever possible to do so.


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