Workforce Housing Modular


Workforce Housing Modular

Khome steel structure has over a decade of international experience designing, building, delivering, and constructing modular remote site facilities. Khome’ s  re-locatable workforce housing modular prefab house complexes are scalable and specifically designed to provide maximum utility, comfort, and extended service life, no matter the size of your project.

Our remote accommodations are comprised of modular buildings that can be easily relocated and re-purposed. Each workforce modular building is designed and engineered to be disassembled and is built to withstand the rigors of travel when re-location and re-purposing are required.

Khome’ s large-scale remote housing facilities offer maximum durability, efficient design, and optimal prefab living accommodations and can be built as single or multi-level modular structures.

Khome Modular Buildings is the leading manufacturer of large-scale, commercial modular construction projects all over the world.

Our modern, innovative modular technology combines on-site construction with precise off-site factory assembly line production.

Traditional schedules are shortened substantially because modular units for your project are constructed in our plant while site work and foundation construction are completed concurrently.

We help you gain greater control over project quality, schedule, and the bottom line.

Home camps feature many of the standard amenities featured in destination hotels, including:

  • Fully functioning Modular Dorm Suites
  • Dining Facilities for capable Fully Equipped Commercial Kitchens
  • Morale-Wellness and Recreation prefab steel house Facilities for workforce
  • Pedestrian Arctic Corridors designed to allow occupants to access the entire campus without being exposed to the extreme cold and arctic environment.
  • Advanced First Aid Prefab Buildings
  • Modular Security Buildings
  • Modular Commercial and Residential Laundry Buildings
  • More than a decade pioneering commercial modular techniques
  • Unmatched portfolio
  • Dedicated leadership team
  • Over 300 seasoned staff and production workers
  • Khome’ s factory, staff, and production workers are 100% focused on commercial residential and hospitality construction
    we support our clients at every stage of the project
  • We didn’t just open a factory and decide to build 5 stories, type 3 commercial projects. That was always the vision but it has taken years of work to build the right team and amass the experience to step into this arena.


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