Portable Toilet for Construction Site (Product Development)


In order to meet the convenience, comfort, and durability of using toilets on construction sites. K-home recently launched a portable toilet solution.

1. The portable toilet occupies a small area, can be installed and used directly, disassembled and transported in time, and will not damage the urban environment. Its wall is made of reinforced sanitary EPS panels, and the manure storage tank has sufficient space and large manure storage capacity. The peculiar smell is very small and will not cause pollution to the environment. It fully demonstrates the concept of environmental protection. It is simple and clean, and it changes the shortcomings of traditional toilets.
2. After these years of development, mobile toilets have been greatly improved in both types and functions, bringing people a more comfortable experience. The portable toilet can be used in factories, construction sites, high-rise natural disaster areas, filming locations for film and television crews, entertainment venues, etc. It is very suitable for mobile workers in occupations.


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