Made by: Henan K-home Steel Structure Co., Ltd
Purpose of Use: Worksite Construction Accommodation
Number of Buildings: 1 Unit ( 2 Storey)
Construction Model: Detachable Container House
Capacity: 425 Workers
Project Year: 2019 – 2020
Duration: 24 days

The site complex to be used for at least 3 years includes departments such as engineers ‘and workers’ bedrooms, recreation rooms, social areas, wc shower units. The New Generation Container offers all the benefits of building site housing project accommodation in a project that reflects the vitality of the accommodation. International standards including occupational health and safety were carefully applied in every detail of the project.

As K-home, in our construction camp buildings that we produce and install ready for use, There are structures such as a prefabricated dormitory building that has international worker health and safety standards, executive prefabricated office building, multi-purpose prefabricated offices, ergonomic prefabricated offices special for the use of technical personnel, prefabricated office offering multi-purpose use, prefabricated construction site dining hall under food safety conditions. In engineer’s and workers’ dormitories, building site bunk beds are provided by K-home as an option considering the ergonomics of use.


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