This primary school built of prefab container house is located in the hilly area of ​​Kenya. It is constructed from 48 units of 20ft container house and can accommodate a total of 300 students.

The construction area of ​​the primary school is 11,620 square feet (1080 square meters). The structure reserved by the Khome designer is very simple. It is composed of 10 modular classrooms (Each classroom is composed of 3 units standard container houses and can accommodate 30 students), 1 teacher office (made of 8 units container house ), 1 student canteen (made of 6 units container house), 2 portable washrooms (made of 4 units container house), and a large central courtyard. Because of the hot and rainy climate in Kenya. They chose a single-layer design with a rain canopy, the sides of some container houses were also taken out and passed through louvered walls, which is characterized by shading, and an open, bright, and airy space with a larger coverage area.

Installation Site:

prefab container house
In addition, the doors of the container classroom can be opened by hinges, which again facilitates ventilation and divides the indoor space into semi-outdoor spaces to block sunlight and shade if needed. The school is also equipped with a roof-mounted solar array, which collects enough energy for indoor lighting and serves all other power needs of the school.

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