Sandwich Panel House With Stairs Built In 2019


The country’s economy is developing rapidly, large-scale urbanization is underway, and various industries in all fields are in a stage of rapid development. In the construction of a large number of permanent buildings, structures, roads and bridges and traffic facilities, a large number of temporary buildings and supporting facilities are needed. In addition, industries that require field work and open-air work for a long time, in emergency needs, earthquake relief, during tourism, festivals, and peak traffic, all need temporary houses that meet different requirements, so various temporary buildings have emerged. With the progress of the times, there are more and more application examples of prefabricated sandwich panel house, because prefabricated sandwich panel house have many advantages as temporary construction house.



The application situation of domestic light steel structure movable house:

The prefabricated sandwich panel house are temporary buildings with 1~3 floors composed of sandwich panels. This kind of prefabricated sandwich panel house is the simplest and most industrialized light steel structure mobile house.



Prefabricated sandwich panel houses are divided into panel structure, frame support structure, frame structure and box unit structure according to different structural types. Prefabricated sandwich panel houses have the following characteristics: light weight, easy and fast assembly; design standards are finalized, and the combination is flexible and diverse; the components are manufactured in factory production, with high processing accuracy and good quality; the house can be disassembled and relocated; good seismic performance; Environmentally friendly building, no construction waste during construction; it can be sold or leased, providing users with a variety of options and services.



Because of the above advantages, prefabricated sandwich panel houses are widely used in temporary buildings in the fields of construction engineering, railway and highway construction, petrochemical, water conservancy construction, military engineering and earthquake relief. In addition, prefabricated sandwich panel houses have been widely used in the following fields: temporary office buildings, temporary dormitories and temporary small factory warehouses, etc.: commercial buildings such as shops, newsstands, restaurants, telephone halls, and tourist buildings such as holiday houses; traffic post, Toll stations and other transportation facilities and sanitation buildings.

After more than 20 years, the prefabricated sandwich panel housing industry has developed rapidly.

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