The Advantages of Container Mobile House


The containerized mobile house is very simple in cost, transportation, and on-site installation, and the installation is also very fast. Its mobility and convenience have irreplaceable advantages.
1. Standardized large-scale production. The components are relatively standard, there are no complicated components, the degree of mechanization is high in the processing process, and the assembly line is completed to ensure quality while considering the tightness of packaging and transportation, a nested section is adopted.
2. The transportation method is flexible and economical. In order to reduce the volume of transportation, the single container-type mobile house can be compressed and packed before the packing and transportation process. That is to say, the walls, doors, windows, and installation of the container-type mobile house are placed between the bottom of the box and the top of the box. According to the different indoor layout of the single container-type mobile house, there are two (more built-in walls) or three. After the four single container houses are compressed, they can form a standard 20ft container, which reduces the foundation of transportation. The external dimensions of the single-container mobile house adopt standard container metric dimensions, and the four fixed corners adopt container corner fittings, which are suitable for container truck and container ship transportation.
3. On-site installation is convenient and quick. The ready-made unit modules of the container provide the simplest and most reliable basic structural unit for temporary buildings and can be mass-produced. Ordinary use does not need to pour the concrete floor. Can reduce a lot of early construction costs and time. Based on actual work experience, the cost of the entire project can be reduced by 30%. The top, bottom, enclosures, doors, and windows of the single-container movable house are all standardized by the factory to reduce the intensity of on-site installation.
4. Various forms of space combination. Multiple single container-type mobile houses can be assembled up and down to form a building space that meets various usage requirements and can be combined into a two-story three-story building. The internal partition wall of the box room can be disassembled and assembled at will to form a large indoor space.


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