Prefabricated School Solves The Problem Of More Than 300 Children


Surrounded by tall buildings, we can see a prefab school arranged neatly. This prefabricated school is just a temporary transition school. Because of the school’s relocation, the new school has not been built and put into use, so the Education Bureau and school leaders decided to build a prefab school for the time being. Due to the tight construction period, prefabricated houses are listed as the first choice for temporary schools.



Prefabricated houses can be built quickly, with environmentally friendly materials, without secondary decoration, and can be put into use after the completion of the construction, without harmful residues. So prefab houses are very suitable for the current status of the school.



The temporary school is located at the crossroads. Considering traffic and safety factors, two gates were installed at G1 and G2 in this design. Enter from the gate of G1, the parking space on the left, and then the teaching building. On the right hand side is a public restroom, and further forward is the conference room, administrative staff office, and cafeteria.



The G2 gate is on the side of the cafeteria. On the one hand, the G2 gate facilitates the transportation of food supplies by transport vehicles, on the other hand, you can directly see the prefabricated classrooms when you enter from the G2 gate. On the right hand side is a large open space with a wide view. Students can be arranged to enter and exit from the two gates G1 and G2 in an orderly manner during the peak period of school to alleviate congestion.


The temporary classrooms of this school are arranged in an E-shape. There are six classes in the prefabricated classrooms, which can accommodate at least 288 students at the same time. Every two classes are adjacent to each other, and there is a teacher’s office at the end of every two prefabricated classrooms for teachers to look after students. The open space outside the prefabricated classroom is covered with artificial grass. The classroom windows are open for ventilation, each classroom has been carefully arranged inside and outside, and multimedia equipment has been installed in place. In addition, there are four prefabricated houses reserved for library, science activity room, music room and sports room.

At present, students and teachers are in place, and they will transition to the prefabricated  school here for one year as planned. “Although it is just a transitional prefab school, we also pursue simplicity but not simplicity. We will do our best to create a relatively comfortable learning environment for children.”


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