Why Choose Portable Container Cabin?


Now the container cabin is not a stranger for most of us, you might see it in your crowded city or in a remote area, it could be used as shops, office, guard hut, worker dormitory, toilet room, etc.

Why did people like it? Let check and get the answers.

As most of the site is temporary, most of needing a place to work and live for a few years, before the project starts, they need to find a solution for employees. For the investors, time is money, how to solve this problem in the quickest way, and meanwhile, could get a comfortable place for workers.

The portable container cabin could solve all your problems.

  1. Fast assemble: Compare to a traditional permanent building, it could save more than 80 percent time for the same purpose. Time is money, temporary is the ideal choice.
  2. Recycle to use: Once the project is completed, the temporary office can be deconstructed and moved to a new location quickly and easily, you don’t even need to move your desk. But the permanent building will never do.
  3. Ready to move in: The whole structure is a galvanized steel structure, and all the components are screw connected, so after assemble, you could move in immediately, no need wait like a permanent house, need to dry the room and let the fresh air flow in, the pollution air out.
  4. Cost-effective: Besides the time saved means money. The cost of the temporary container cabin is at least 50% less than a permanent building.
  5. Customizable: We can do extreme customization, whether you want a special size, color, or design, we can customize it.


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